COVID Traveler Information

Addressing COVID-19 Health Concerns

We take your health seriously and have developed safety protocols for 2021 vacations. For detailed information on what to bring, COVID testing requirements and specifics on what we are doing to help guarantee your health and safety while touring, please read our COVID-19 Travel Precautions information sheet. These policies may be updated as needed and sent along with guest final documents.​ Guests will be required to sign this COVID-19 Release of Information Authorization before final documents can be mailed.

Your Health Is Our Greatest Priority

At John Hall's Alaska, the safety and health of our guests is our top priority.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have elevated our existing cleaning regimen with enhanced procedures and protocols for cleaning and disinfecting our fleet to the standards recommended by the CDC using EPA-approved products.​

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Fully Sanitized To Begin Your Day

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touch points Sanitized frequently during day travel 


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fog Sanitized with detailed galley and bathroom cleaning.


Guests begin every day on a fully sanitized John Hall's Alaska coach. Throughout the day, and during rest stops, your Tour Manager will sanitize multiple touch points in the coach to help protect your health. At the end of the day, the coach receives a deep, detailed disinfection before the beginning of the next day's activities. Guests are asked to also help sanitize any touch points, made easy with access to sanitizing wipes on board.


Cleaning Products In Use For Your Safety 




John Hall’s Alaska is focused on ensuring all team members have the proper resources to keep guests, passengers, Alaska residents and  themselves safe and healthy. John Hall’s Alaska offers the following products on board our motorcoaches:

 Diluted bleach solution

 Ecolab disinfectant and sterilization products

 Clorox / Wet Ones wipes containing at least 70% alcohol

 Fogging equipment with germicide solution, specifically targeted to kill a variety of viruses including COVID-19

 Hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol minimum

 Disposable masks and gloves

 Individual hand sanitizer bottles,

    Hand sanitizer wipes

 Reusable custom JHA Masks  





Cleaning Protocols For Motorcoaches and Vans





John Hall’s Alaska has created a list of high touch areas inside and outside the motorcoach which require sanitation prior to guests boarding the motorcoach each day.

Cleaning during the scheduled trip


Clean and disinfect high-touch areas during stops and layovers. This includes, but is not limited to:

 All entrance handrails and guides

Guide-rails on overhead bays

 Access knobs

 Door handles

 Restroom door handles and other restroom touch points

 Galley beverage station



Evening Cleaning

Each evening, Tour Managers and drivers are required to clean and disinfect theses items on board the motorcoach in preparation for the following day’s activities. This will include:

 Fogging with the disinfectant each evening.

 Sanitizing all overhead bays, grab bars, individual seating areas

 Sanitizing all restroom areas

 Sanitizing all entryway touch points



All motorcoaches will require a mandatory 48 hour maintenance break in between operations. This will allow for thorough cleaning procedures, followed by detailed disinfecting, prior to new guests joining programs for overnight trips.

HVAC and Filtration on the Motorcoach

Current guidance reflects information showing the SARS-CoV-2 virus is not airborne, rather is contained through respiratory droplets. John Hall’s Alaska has implemented use of proper techniques such as appropriate filters to ensure guests health. Air aboard the motorcoach is fully refreshed every two minutes with our additional overhead air filtration systems.



We Now Supply At-Home COVID Testing Kits

John Hall’s Alaska has partnered with SEAGO (Southeast Alaska Guide Outfitters) to give our guests the ability to utilize at home COVID-19 testing capabilities through StrataCLEAR, making it easier to acquire the required testing prior to traveling in Alaska or wherever your travels take you.  All test results are signed off by medical professionals eligible for practice in all 50 states. 

These tests are already accepted by the state of Alaska and use a throat swab method. All delivery details will be taken care of by your John Hall’s Alaska team and results are emailed to you within 24-48 hours of returning the test via overnight Fed Ex. 

Order a testing kit by calling our office at 800-325-2270.
A fee of $160 per person will be charged to your credit card. This $160 is a discounted rate negotiated by John Hall's Alaska and ​​​​​​​includes the cost of overnight Fed Ex fees.

**Important: These tests must be requested no later than 5 days before your departure date or and are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

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